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Status March 30th, 2022


We are concerned about the health and safety of all of our staff and workshop attendees and are closely monitoring the COVID situation.

Hygiene Measures

As organiser of the EMEA2022 workshop in cooperation with “HansenS Haus am Meer” a detailed hygiene concept will be developed for EMEA2022 to make your participation as safe and enjoyable as possible. We will keep you informed about our hygiene and distance concepts via this webpage and onsite. Measures applying to EMEA2022 will be adjusted if necessary in accordance with official requirements.

Due to current regulations of the event location participants have to be fully vaccinated, recovered or daily tested (3G). Please note that you will need to present your vaccination certificate, proof of recovery or daily official test certificate at the venue (HansenS Haus am Meer).


Safety Measures 

Here you will find some helpful websites, on which legal regulations are published

Covid-Regulations in Lower-Saxony
Niedersächsische Corona-Verordnung (German language)
General Information about Coronavirus (English version)


Entry restrictions and quarantine regulations in Germany provided by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany on current measures taken in regard to the coronavirus (SARS CoV-2) (English)


Vaccines recognised within the EU

Please check whether the vaccine you are using is authorised in the EU. You can find an overview HERE at the Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines (Paul-Ehrlich-Institut)


Further information in English


These websites are updated regularly. Please keep yourself informed.